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Why Charitable giving is Important

Every year millions of people give money to charitable services that they believe in. The tangible and intangible ways of giving and supporting a charity are equally as important. Through the action of giving to charity many benefits are experienced. Some of these benefits include an increased feeling of happiness, strengthened morals, and the ability to make an impact.

It has been proven that people who regularly give to charity are happier and more fulfilled (NY post) and it can even provide a temporary mood boost. In a study reported by the NY Post, they found that not only were contributors happy in the moment of giving but also happier in their daily lives. With the knowledge that they were making a difference and supporting a cause, the contributors felt more fulfilled and complete overall leading to a happier person. This showcases how giving and offering support for a cause also make an impact on one’s own life. Also, the act of giving to what you deem a worthy cause helps to strengthen and uphold your moral character. By reaffirming your values you can stand strong in the face of opposition and fight for your beliefs. Finally, the phrase “no contribution is too small” is completely true and proves how even the less able to donate can make an impact with any and all help. Through following the work of the organization the contributor is able to see their contribution hard at work and following through on their goals.


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