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Thank you all for your continued support!

After taking a brief hiatus, the Diane Fund team is proud to announce that we are back to work and as eager as ever to help deliver aid and support to all those in need. Our mission is one based off the idea of community, in which we all work together as one to help those less fortunate. We believe that no one should fight the battle of cancer alone, and that our aid as well as your support is truly impactful on the lives of these people and their families. This summer, alongside continued Diane Fund content found on our social medias as well as our blog posts, we are excited to announce the first Diane Fund day of play, set to occur later this summer. In this brand new event, we will have all sorts of summer activities, in which one will be able to donate just by playing games and having fun, where prizes will count as donations that are being sent by a third party aligned with our mission. Through this generosity, one will be able to contribute with donations where the only price is participation and enthusiasm. Just by participating, money can be raised and those in need will get the help they deserve. We look forward to all this summer has in store, and again, we thank you for your continued support.

The Diane Fund Team.

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