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My Experience:Uriah Brown

Sickness. Disease. Disorder. Things this world has had for years. It’s so easy to forget that there are millions dealing with things of this nature everyday. So hard to get, yet so easy to come in contact with. When a friend, a family member, or even yourself get sick, your eyes open majorly. Things get personal and you start to realize illness is a thing and grounds you in a major way. Covid-19 sounded the alarm for this realization in 2020 as so many people now see the impact of disease within their community.

My Aunt about a year ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. The thought of that was hard to believe for a second. My family is healthy and rarely known for sickness. My grandma is 88 years old and has never been sicker than a slight cold. This was major but weirdly, I had such peace. My family’s faith is rooted in Christ Jesus, although it still would have been so easy to panic and wonder why us. We stood strong in faith and prayer. It is now September, 2020. My aunt is cancer free and recovering well. Some people don’t get the same results. Many have lost lives behind diseases like cancer. It would be so easy to ask why, complain, and blame God but my man Steven Lohan defied those actions. He lost his mother to brain cancer. I send my prayers and condolences often. That’s a tough young man. Instead of him letting the fact that his mom passed away overtake him, he took action and started something major in honor of his mother and the millions of others dealing with the same disease and hardships. That’s not an easy task but he pulled through. This is the start of something that will go down in history if we keep pushing towards the goal. I want to be a part of that for you bro! Much love.

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