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How Cancer Impacts All

Billy F, an accomplished musician, has been in a continuous fight for over two decades. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1996 and soon recovered, but unfortunately since 2007 it has spread to his liver, lungs, and brain. Despite what you might expect, Billy has continued to play music, teach to others, host weekly jazz radio shows, give talks about music and cancer, advocate for people living with cancer, and inspire others with his story. “When I’m playing my music, my mind is occupied with what I am doing, so it can’t be occupied with thinking about my cancer. Music, his spiritual healer, family, and close friends is what has been his support throughout this whole process.

Key Quotes from Billy:

“I think music is a healing force, and I can feel that in my writing and playing. When I'm feeling really sick, yeah, it's harder to play in those times. But the music's been very important to me."

“[It is important] for people living with cancer to fill their lives with activities that are important to them”

Ever since the age of five Lindsay has destined to be a nurse, leading her to her current career in oncology. However, she never expected to be in the shoes of her patients when she was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer at age 33. Lindsay has always believed in putting others before herself, “On weekdays, you can find Lindsay at the cancer center where she works, tending to her patients while juggling her own treatment in between”, and opts to attempt to do everything for her children that she was able to before. Up until her last treatment, Lindsay continued to care and think about others, and has taught all people that it’s important to live in the moment, take things day by day, and celebrate the big moments maybe unlike before because “time is always a question that is left unanswered”

Key Quotes from Lindsay:

“Some days you have to do one hour at a time. Some days it's one minute at a time, but the time passes and then before you know it you've reached certain milestones that you were hoping for”

"You're doing everything you can today, and then you're going to do everything you can tomorrow."

Superwoman Lindsay and superstar Billy are just two of the many current fighters, survivors, or their loved ones with a story. After speaking with the founder of this organization, understanding different hardships people face, and reading about other’s battles, I want to help in any way possible and so can you. It can be as simple as spreading the word about the Diane Foundation, donating, or contributing to the website. I know we can’t take away the pain of an individual fighting cancer or knowing a loved one who is, but we can reduce the impact other factors have on their lives.


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