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DIANE LEAGUE: Week 2 Recap: Anthony ‘Ant’ Astounds Novas, Kramer Remains Lights-Out

Week 2 Recap: Anthony ‘Ant’ Astounds Novas, Kramer Remains Lights-Out, and SportsYou Stingers Clutch Up

Recap Preview

Anthony Follet is Historically Great: An all-time performance from the Tier 1 phenom lifts Muuvers above Novas…

That Boy a Shooter: Kyle Kramer’s exemplary shooting easily handles the SportsYou Stingers…

Stingers Stay Sharp: A hard-fought overtime win for the SportsYou Stingers sets a precedent for team-wide effort…

Week 2 Recap

Muuvers Close Out A High-Scoring Showdown Against Novas: 70-60

The Muuvs Muuvers are solidifying themselves as a top-tier team in the Diane League, finishing strong largely due to the efforts of their star player. Tier 1 star Anthony Follet put on a masterpiece in this one, with his 52 point, 23 rebound, and 8 assist game likely being the best single-Diane League performance to date. Frankly put, this kid can do it all. His jumper? Smooth. His post work? Elite. His finishing? Stronger than most anyone in the league. His defense? Well, all of us at the Diane Fund are sure it’s top notch as well, but defense was more Tier 3 pick Ben Ciuffetelli’s job in this one. The Muuvers look poised to be big threats in the league. Simple as that.

As for the Novas, there should be little worry concerning the talent on this roster. Tier 1 anomaly Aiden Kiy put on a masterpiece of his own, but his 48 point, 10 rebound, 2 steal, and 2 block performance wasn’t enough to surmount the challenge of the Diane League’s “Chosen One”. While their record is poor through two weeks, a fan of the NSDC Novas should simply hope for a full showing by the squad next week, and they should be playoff bound. Kiy’s 1-of-1 playstyle should serve as enough of an indicator for that.

The Stingers Offense Collapse Against Vikings: 28-46

It’s not often that great defense deters great offense nowadays, but it seems this game served as the exception. The Diane League’s assassin-for-hire Devin Sweeney was kept cold in this one, shooting an abysmal 5-20 from the floor, a trend that was reflected amongst his fellow teammates, those of which helped contribute to a team-wide 25% from the field. One can take solace in the chemistry displayed in their 14 makes, however, even if it took them 56 shots to produce such a number. The Stingers seemed to be without an identity when faced with a Damian Bennett-sized hole in their lineup today. Regardless, prior success dictates a bright future for this bunch.

Through two weeks, the Vikings have played the role of the league’s dynastic Golden State Warriors. With Aiden Spurlock (8 points, 20 rebounds, 9 assists) looking like Draymond Green with a silky jumper, it invites other members of the team to come to play their corresponding roles. Not to say Tier 2 MVP-candidate Kyle Kramer is Steph Curry or anything, but his court-wide gravity far when paired with his jumper-heavy shot diet incites undertones of a certain 2-time MVP. The 36 points Kramer had (on 65% shooting!) has a bit to do with the comparison as well.

Stingers Cling On to Win the League’s First OT Game Against the Raptors: 28-26

On the Stingers’ second game of the day, it would be a stretch to say the offense looked stellar, but it was much improved from their first showing against the Vikings. A 10% increase in FG%, largely due to the combined 10-22 shooting by Max Leonard and Fritz Ross, gave the team a bit more juice on the offensive side of the ball. Where they won this game, however, was with their defense. A grotesque 18-45 shooting (28.9%) by the Raptors allowed the Stingers to stay afloat, clinching a grind-it-out game with a high-effort game winner without their resident superstar.

As for the Raptors, the stats speak for themselves. The previously mentioned shooting plays a primary role in this loss, but the 6 turnovers by the team did not help matters in the slightest. Tier 2 talent Ian Alper struggled heavily in this one, shooting 9-28 with 3 turnovers in the contest. Similar sentiments followed Tier 4 roleplayer Sam Laserson and 2-way contract player Trey Walker did little to staunch the bleeding (1-6 and 3-11 shooting, respectively). One can only hope for the presence of Anthony Stennet next week to pair alongside Alper, for it seems that this roster will require all hands on deck if they want to make a push for the Week 4 playoffs.

Signing Off

That’s all for Week 2 of the Diane League! From historic showdowns, to elite shooting, to high-effort game winners, Week 2 was a thrill for all players and enjoyers. Make sure to watch out for the Week 3 Recap that’ll cover the now-anonymous MVP, playoff matchups for Week 4, and another week of elite craft!

-Ben Ciuffetelli

Team Rankings (Week 2)

  1. CWA Vikings

  2. MUUVS Muuvers

  3. Barbour Hooping Handymen

  4. Regatta Raptors

  5. SportsYou Stingers

  6. NSDC Novas

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