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Diane Fund at BMCF

Mission Statement

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Diane Fund was founded in 2018 in memory of my mother and friend, Diane Lohan. Donations to Diane Fund directly support the critical needs of cancer patients and their families through the long-standing patient assistance programs at the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation (BMCF). The goal of Diane Fund is to help provide financial and emotional support to cancer patients and their families who may not be able to cover the costly expenses associated with their treatment.


Diane Ellen Lohan was my mother, but she was really so much more than that. Working as a police officer in Suffolk County, she loved to help and care for people, and knowing her as a child, this was all I saw from her. She was there for me if I was scared in the night-as I often was- or even if I wanted something as small as a glass of water. Nothing was too much for my mom, and every day I try to help others in the way that she helped me. I was inspired by my mother’s kindness and compassion to start Diane Fund at BMCF to raise money for patients and families struggling with the many burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis. Every day, I think of my mother, and I try to make her proud.


My wish is that Diane Fund at BMCF will allow patients with cancer to receive the highest quality treatment and alleviate the many financial and emotional burdens faced by families during treatment and recovery. As a teenager who lost his mother too soon, I want to provide hope and support for children in similar situations, so that their loved ones have the best chance for recovery. Please donate to Diane Fund today to honor my mother and help those in need.


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Steven Lohan And the Diane Fund Team

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