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Who we are

 charity fundraising organization 

Diane Fund is named in honor of Diane Lohan, who sadly passed away battling brain cancer in 2015. Our Mission at Diane Fund is to emulate the generosity and kindness the Lohan Family received during their time of hardship through financial aid and community activity. Our goal is to raise significant funds to alleviate families' financial burden in times of hardship and allow families to direct their complete attention to their loved ones, who should always be the main priority.

How we got started

Diane Fund was founded by three friends: Steven Lohan, Sean Sweeney, and Mahan Mostafavi when they were sophomores at Portledge School. Over the last two years, what started as a project has turned into a true fundraising organization that has made a significant impact to help families battling cancer. 


"Our main objective is really to provide the community care that my family got and also to provide the financial support that is really necessary during these hard times." 

- Steven Lohan

"Working with my best friends is awesome, but doing it for such a cause makes it incredible." 

- Sean Sweeney 

“It is rewarding when working with your closest friends on a cause that concerns people who need help the most. I admire everyone who has helped us in the process and look forward to the future of Diane Fund.”

- Mahan Mostafavi 

Meet The Team

More About us

Steven Lohan is a current freshman at the Ross School of business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Starting the fund in memory of his mother, Steven holds personal connections to the battle of cancer and its impact on a family. He hopes that with the aid of Diane Fund,

he will be able to help improve the lives of families dealing with the financial and emotional tolls that cancer brings.

Sean Sweeney is a current freshman at the Herbert Business School at the University of Miami. Sean met Steven in the ninth grade at Portledge School. Motivated by Steven’s story as well as his own personal experience, Sean’s primary goal at Diane Fund is to bring together a community of generous people in order to maximize the positive impact of the fund and make a difference in the lives of others.

Mahan Mostafavi is a current freshman at Lehigh University College of Arts and Sciences, who is currently following a Pre-Health track. Mahan met Steven in seventh grade at Portledge School. Empowered by Steven’s story,  Mahan felt compelled to help him with his initial idea to support families struggling with cancer. Mahan’s goal at Diane Fund is to provide for families who are in need and create a positive influence.


The Diane Fund Team has been mentored and assisted by many outstanding individuals, such as Founder, President & CEO of the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, Christina Merill, and Director of Patient Services at the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, Wendy Hasbrouck.

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Mentions: Rachel Lohan, Devin Sweeney, Jayson Pereyra, Helen Sweeney, Carolyn Cuminsky, and many more help make Diane Fund possible.

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